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August 26, 2012


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Bill, from the perspective of one of your fairly regular readers (and yes, you're too purple for me!), you seem to have some kind of personal vendetta against Ann DeLacy. You've certainly devoted an inordinate number of blog posts to her. Given all the blog space you've devoted to criticizing her, don't you think it's a bit hypocritical to "warn her" that she'd better not speak or write your name anymore? (And sorry, but IMO it also seems childish.)

As a blogger, you've chosen to put yourself (somewhat) in the public eye. Granted, the size of that "public" isn't the same as someone who writes for, say, The New York Times, but you have still put yourself "out there" as a visible and vocal participant in public debate on any number of issues. And you routinely call out others by name (as well as engaging in name-calling on occasion). Why isn't it okay for them to do the same to you?

Mike F

I thought it interesting that she felt she could make this statement:

" I sincerely believe they felt that if they dared to veer from the status quo, they would be deemed as doing so because they were Black and feared the results. "

So basically these people made the decision NOT to do a good job because they were afraid? Or am I misunderstanding this quote?


Mike, I think you need to read the entire email thread that this email was excerpted from in order to understand the context of the quote.

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