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December 09, 2012


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Yikes. This has turned into a bad game of telephone. Loretta Shields is not running against Allan. In fact, I think WB got the factions wrong in his post. Loretta is on the Kittleman side of things, with the Tea Party spearheaded by Warren Miller & Co.

Corey Andrews

You're too optimistic. The GOP is dead in Howard County.

Marshmallow Man

Thank you, my fellow blogger! That crazy Wordbones! I shall edit appropriately forthwith!


I don't believe I wrote that anyone in the GOP was planning to challenge Allan in a primary for exec. I merely wrote that the loco party, like the national party,is sharply divided in ideology.

Though Loretta Shields may not be a tea party partisan, the Central Committee, which she chairs, is dominated by the far right. The same goes for the HoCo Repub Club.


Marshmallow Man

You know, awhile back the right side of the Republican party did this same thing to Chuck Ecker and Charlie Feaga. Stupid then, stupid now.

Oh, and of course, the Democratic Party is full of its own version of ethnic cleansing. My own campaign for Delegate was one such example. The Dems seem better on that score now.

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