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April 08, 2014


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Nina Basu

Dude, I've known you what, 10 years? 12 years? I'm sure Long Reach has lots of material to criticize you with! I'm kidding of course.... we love you in LR!

That said, that was not my memory of Pearl's decision not to run for another term. I think very highly of Pearl and her many years of community service - and her Bill Woodcock-like tell-it-like-it-is attitude - and I don't always agree with her on issues. Pearl had (has) massive energy, but I think the last few years she was on the board the position probably was just too much, and while I'm sure she recruited Andy, I don't remember the same last minute drama, though its totally possible that such happened, I just don't know.

I would have loved to see you or Julia McCready run for the Council seat. It's sad that there is such a feeling of negativity and fear of being dragged through the mud - the fact that such behavior is tolerated is not a Columbia value. That's not how this community behaves, and it's wrong that a minority of people are given social sanction to behave in such a manner.

I do also think that sometimes the lack of candidates leads to uncontested races - Russ Swatek and Ed Coleman are hardly allies, and Ed ran unopposed for his first Columbia Council race.

Josh Friedman

My earnest recollection is that yes, the situation was almost identical, save for the fact that Andy generally enjoys much more popularity. Here is a link to a Baltimore Sun article 10 days prior to the filing deadline that year where Pearl said she was going to run again. http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2010-03-09/news/bal-board-candidates0309_1_philip-kirsch-dredging-of-lake-elkhorn-wilde-lake-village-board

I wasn't trying to be passive aggressive or use your blog against you. I did not know you were unaware of the situation. I was trying to make a point that we should all be careful about the precedents we seek to set. Colluding to suppress competition is wrong no matter who does it. And say what you will about Russ, in 2011, he gave us plenty of notice that he wasn't running for a second term. The fact is that we can only do two things to stop it; 1) we take the election powers away from the residents, which I think is DOA, or 2) we can make sure there is always a candidate for these important offices.

The 53

Oh, I get it, and I love Long Reach back! Josh included of course. Just not sure what he's getting to in his comment.

And it's fair to point out that my reticence about running when I had the chance to wasn't all personally based. But also in the view that the village has had enough turmoil and that we didn't need any more. A bruising campaign would've been more bearable if the village hadn't already borne a lot of welts.

The 53

Josh, our comments crossed. Just read yours. Fair enough!

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