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October 20, 2014


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steve hunt

The line "they started it with the mailers" sounds like something heard in my household far too often (names withheld, cue "Law & Order" bell):

Me: What's going on here?
Child #1: hit me!!
Me: , why did you hit ?
Child #2: Because #1 hit me first!!

I'll note that both children are under the age of 10. Just sayin', MM............

steve hunt

Okay, using brackets totally killed my dialog. Trying again:

Me: What's going on here?
Child #1: Child #2 hit me!!
Me: Child #2, why did you hit Child #1?
Child #2: Because Child #1 hit me first!!

Let's see if this one goes better.......


Gone are the days (albeit they were very infrequent) when politicians would actually take responsibility for their mistakes. Now we're being made to assume by anyone who holds elected office that they never screw up and if one of their plans goes wrong it's someone else's fault and that the elected official had, either no previous knowledge of a potential screw up or was simply lied to about the potential for a screw up. I've known Allan for many years and, yes, he is a nice guy who would rag on me for addressing him as Councilman or Senator instead of just Allan. But the conduct of his volunteers has been deplorable. Why debate moderators have not stopped things and admonished everyone in the audience to be quiet and courteous I don't know. Oh, wait, I do know! Because it wouldn't do any good. The Tea Partiers would just keep on keepin' on because it's their way of "Fighting the man", of expressing just how patriotic they are as opposed to the other side, and of expressing their disgust with and opposition to those who do act with class. Allan Kittleman needs to sit down his volunteers and staff, tell them to knock it off, remind them that when they put on those Kittleman t-shirts they represent something more than just their personal opinions, and that if they don't like it they can take a hike. Anything short of doing so will cost him as many votes as it may win. Regardless of who wins the race for County Exec., my impression of him has been forever tarnished by the conduct of his supporters who think they can win the election for their guy by acting like toddlers.



Forever tarnished huh. Allan was attacked by Kevin Doyle from the Watson campaign in Elkridge in such a mean spirited and nasty way that seems to be getting a pass from everyone on the left. Based on your opinion of the Kittleman volunteers and since the Watson volunteers have conducted themselves in the same manner I am only to assume that your impression of Courtney has been forever tarnished too.

Let's grow up children. Its silly season, both sides are pulling the same crap and the other side is going: No he did it, no she did it.

Bill, Jason, and Julia are in the tank for Courtney so they are doing what they can to help her. Allan has people in his tank to do the same exact thing. At the end of the day whatever the 3% of us who pay attention to this stuff thinks is irrelevant. The debates won't move the dials, the posts won't move the dials. Its a few weeks to go and it all comes down to ground game the rest of the way. Courtney is behind Allan by a few points in the only legitimate polling, but this thing is neck and neck. The real work is being done in the field now.


I was there. It was a bit crass, but these people are in the public light. I've also been at one of Allan's town hall meetings where Courtney's treasurer (I was later told) was baiting Allan, to the point where they were debating whether or not her treasurer was calling Allan a liar.

So let's face it - there's been sophomoric behavior on both sides of the aisle. My question is - did you cover that, or only this? Are we getting both sides of the story, or is this another slanted blog?

If you don't mind my asking, where can I go online to get the TRUTH?

Bill Bissenas

Watson and her supporters smear Kittleman, then get called out on their smears, so they double down by smearing Kittleman and his supporters. LOL

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