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January 20, 2017


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The behavior that you describe above I'll characterize an un-civility. It has seemed to permeate our national political discourse since before the last presidential election (I always used to blame talk radio or Fox News). But the lack of good behavior and extremely emotional response to any change is a more recent phenomena in HoCo. I do believe a great deal of the emotion us engendered by opponents of ANY change in ANYTHING not just life or death/war or peace issues. Not progressive or reactionary just change that has been an avalanche over the past 30 or so years. Three examples:

1. The Sanctuary issue you discuss above. The 'red shirters' from what I saw and heard were the un-civil. Whether they were law and order proponents, anti -immigrants of any color or ilk, frightened of crime, concerned about property value the unifying ethos was NO CHANGE.

2. A subject that was near and dear to you was how the school board revolution was handled. I had no horse in the race but my objective opinion was discourse at meetings, on line, and in this blog was un-civil. You may say this was different, and maybe it was, but the lack of compromise in language and actions was similar.

3. An extremely minor public works project in my own neighborhood - restriping Centennial Lane to create bike lanes and a cross walk - became a life or death matter to many individuals. There were 3 meetings held by County to try and address issues brought up but there was no compromise to be had. At the last meeting 200 attended (for a road restriping project)about half cyclists and those in favor of alternative transportation. But again it was the NIMBYs who shouted, accused the poor County reps of destroying their neighborhood and property values, and causing unacceptable changes to their way of life. Unfortunately un-civility as in the other cases above (and our recent National election) was a successful tactic.

All of this is not a Democrat versus Republican issue it is change versus status quo - people who want things the way they were or they think they were. But I don't want to live in a Country or a County where outshouting or insulting your opponents is considered acceptable. A society where no one else's opinion is even listened to - let alone valued. I fear we'll see more 'red-shirts' in our County.

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