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February 20, 2017


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Lisa M

You should NOT want this bill to pass.....AT ALL. 2% still comes out to about 21 hrs of testing. Let me just ask you how long does one sit to take GRE, the BAR, LSAT, GMAT? Less time than 3rd graders sitting for the BS test! Recess in Elementary school is down to 20 mins (and don't forget that they have to get out side and get back inside). Test prep is the WHOLE curriculum! The only thing "the data" shows consistently is that in areas of poverty, the test scores aren't so great. Does anyone do anything to fix the underlying problem?....NO. The tests are unfair to ALL children, they should not be used to rate teachers, they should not be used to rate schools, they are unfair to english language learners, it narrows the curriculum to test prep (you should see what Algebra looks like....and it isn't algebra!!), it is child abuse to make children sit for that long, children should NOT be spending that much time at a computer, the tests are confusing, the tests are demeaning, and the only ones benefitting from the tests are the companies developing/selling the tests to the school systems. Children are not standardized and having them take a standardized test is absolutely ridiculous. I REFUSE for my children to take any of these tests. Children learn through play in the younger years and trying to make them sit like obedient robots gathering information for a stupid test is a disaster. Suspension rates in ES are rising due to the long hours of sitting, suicide rates in teens are on the rise, depression and stress related illness is up in college students. The tests need to go, the teachers need to get back to doing what they do best.....teach students. Everyone will be happier in the long run. To all the parents out there reading this blog REFUSE the test!!!

Lisa M


This is a blogger from Oklahoma. He is an ES Principle. The article starts about the recent "Sweden" issue but morphs into the
education issue. Please read.....he is very good at his craft.

Lisa M

another good read about testing from an education professional.

Lisa M


Lisa M


Lisa M


Hawi Moore

Great article

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