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March 07, 2017


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Betty Adams

I agree! We are going to have candidates coming out of the woodwork. I personally don't see a future for third party candidates, but I do think the playing field is level for either party and I think much of it will be ugly.

Lisa Markovitz

One often overlooked problem that third party candidates face is that they must gather a lot of signatures to be allowed on the ballot. This is due to the fact that they don't have to face a primary, so they have to sort of prove they have a viable campaign by having to produce signatures in order to be allowed to run. The number of signatures, I believe, is based on the position to an extent. That's a LOT of work, believe me, I know, having gathered signatures in a referendum campaign. :)

Mark Breaux

Will be very interesting to see what happens! I'm not in the know as to who has been promised what, but no doubt deals are being made and plots are being hatched. Always great to read your blog, Bill.

Scott Ewart

My best guess....No major change in State Senate (hearing Kasemeyer is definitely running again) , No big changes in State Delegates - Pendergrass runs again (she has a ton of money - especially new PAC money supporting her), Turner is the big question mark, if he doesn't run Jen Terassa gets his seat...no way Miller challenges Bates at the Senate level...the fun stuff will happen at the County Council level...of course this is all a guess at this point...

Opel Jones

With the 2016 election, and all that you've mentioned, I do believe this 2018 cycle in Howard County will be an exciting one! Great blog once again Bill!


What was already shaping up to be an exciting 2018 cycle just became more so as a result of the CB-9 debate + Del. Atterbeary's BOE legislation (assuming it makes it thru). Agree with Scott's take on our State Delegation, the real action will be at Council, CE & BOE. Good stuff, Mr. 53.


We need a stronger - more Democratic progressive - candidate to run against Jon Weinstein in District 1. He has voted with Greg Fox against fellow Dem's more than any other other Council member, and his last run was already close.

Hawi Moore

Well said

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