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June 03, 2017


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A 50 meter pool and multi level ice rink does not seem like a good use of tax dollars that would benefit the community at large. Plus, for those folks who can use those items, they are available nearby.

If demand is go great for these, perhaps you can use your project management skills to build a 50 meter pool yourself and run it as a private business?

Lisa M

@Ken. I can honestly say that an ice rink would really serve the community. I have an ice skater and a hockey player that skate at Columbia AND Laurel. Both the figure skating and hockey programs in Columbia are so large that ice must be bought in Laurel to accommodate both(year round). The Columbia ice rink is outdated and must close in the summer because it doesn't have the necessary equipment to maintain ice throughout the heat of summer. Hockey is especially profitable with each age level having numerous teams. We live in HoCo( but not in Columbia) and we don't mind traveling between the 2 rinks, but it would be nice to be able to spend money closer to home for summer hockey and figure skating programs. You should attend a public ice session on a weekend in the winter to see the line form around the building just for admission. Learn to skate programs are filled, stick and puck sessions have much attendance. Pools....there are lots of them is all I can say, but I can't comment on a 50 meter because we don't do swim teams.

Phil K

As far as pools, I know when CA announced it's proposed membership level changes, the senior crowd rallied and made them adopt a swim-only membership offering. So, I would say there is a high demand for swim facilities, not just for use by competitive swimmers. As a homeowner on CA-assessed property, I'd much rather my CA fees/taxes be spent on something like that than the usual stuff they waste it on, like the greatly-underused Haven on the Lake.

Byron Macfarlane

Thanks for mentioning my announcement on June 10th for County Council District 4. I just want to clarify that this is a FREE event so I invite everyone to come join us. You can RSVP through our Facebook event at http://bit.ly/2sdIHl3. Thanks again!

Christiana Rigby

There is a feasibility study underway for a pool in N. Laurel and the possibility of having HS level water sport teams was touched on (if the 50m size was met).

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