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August 09, 2017


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This post about Dick reflects strongly back on you. Did offer any rational fact based refutation of Boulton's comments? No, because you didn't even lay out what he said other than that he hurt your feelings. You literally summarized his arguments as "blah blah de blah de blah". You then engaged in ad hominem attacks. Keep shooting for the stars, I guess.

Dick Boulton

Wow! I don't think I've ever been called all these names before. Whatever I'm doing must have struck a chord.

Yes, I'm very concerned about Inner Arbor and make no bones about it. My goal is to return Symphony Woods to the Columbia Association where it rightly belongs. I made this clear when I originally ran for office and won election by a nearly two to one margin over an Inner Arbor supporter.

My reasons are sound and shared by a great many other Columbia residents:

1. In contrast with the original plan for Symphony Woods, the easement agreement and subsequent McCall plan was rammed through behind closed doors with very limited public involvement.

2. McCall was never properly vetted. The most superficial research source -- his own website -- would have revealed that he had never successfully completed a major project of any type.

3. The McCall plan violates nearly every tenet of valid park design. It has been severely criticized by a number of important architects and landscape designers including a prominent Pritzger Prize winner.

4. The McCall plan is high maintenance and prohibitively expensive. The $30 million hat would be needed to complete the execution is nowhere available.

At this point, the Chrysalis is done and open for business, but supported by a rather questionable funding stream. The structure cost over $1,000/sq.ft. to build and came in a year behind schedule and $500,000 over budget. Despite the ridiculous cost, the facility has no rest rooms or dressing rooms, no stage lighting and no sound equipment. When it rains, the stage floor is half unusable. And this was supposed to be the most practical element of the McCall plan, which is why it was built first.

The outlook for the rest of the McCall plan is even more glum.

I would be glad to sit down with you and discuss the Symphony Woods situation with you at greater length, man-to-man and un-noxiously. Please feel free to call. I think you'll find that I can be quite personable.

-- Dick Boulton

Alan Klein

Very well presented, Dick. And very well thought through. As they say, let's look at the facts!

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