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August 22, 2017


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Well, at least you got around to apologizing for your racist comments about Asians. Although I don't know why you chose to mention CB-9 while doing so, despite criticizing someone else for talking about CB-9.


Seems like you have a more delicate ego than DJT. In fact, I could totally imagine the President responding on social media in exactly the same manner you did. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


120 people for the blog party! Awesome!

Your Bud

Again you attack the Asian Community. Why Billy?
You say "But I did find interesting the conservative Asian-American's take on the CB-9 issue, though-- the overall issue of legal vs. "unlawful" immigration."

What do you find interesting about this? The fact they believe in the rule of law and our Constitutional Republic as well as the value and responsibility of being a legal citizen - not a free loader of the state aka a Calvin Ball victim of the white man - which includes your racist rather portly self. You progressives are really good at exposing your core beliefs as a true conundrum. Do progressives have a brain or just gray matter floating in a cavernous cranial cavity disjointed from the five senses?

Next you go on typical "Billy WoodCock" angry rant just to prove you have keyboard balls. "I offer an apology to the Howard County Republican Party. I really thought that your strategy was to not run a candidate in District 4 in 2014 in an effort to suppress the vote. But now the reason is clear to me. You didn't have any one good to run! And if this is the best you can do--- wowza. You oughtta find someone else or find Lisa a spot on the Central Committee."

Wow - like to attack women much? No wait that's right this is your CA self coming true to form. To suggest woman's job is on the central committee and not running for office again exposes your true self full of childhood insecurity.

But wait there is more. You say "Hopefully Lisa was in the county then and maybe she remembers it?" In reference to what? Wow talk about a nuanced anti legal immigrant anti woman disparaging remark!! Wow Billy maybe you and Watson can move in together and share the same anger fits!

They you keep running your keyboard mouth. You say "It's never my intention to offend anyone although I have on occasion. But, looking back on what I wrote-- I made a racist comment about no group. I did, however, speak to a valid political strategy" WOW again you have no clue and only show your true anti diversity self! You actually believe the diversity of the HoCo Republicans is some sort of grand plan? LOL...OMG you are blind as a burnt marshmallow!! These candidates came forward on their own right and registered to run as republicans because they see the lies promulgated by the progressive left! The Republican Central Committee did not recruit them they recruited themselves! Get with the program Billy and get your head out of Watson and Ball "poop"!

Oh and this is too funny and ironic - but pure Billy Woodcock - "woulda been nice for Lisa to reach out to me and find out what I truly thought about the issue. Or just get to know me. But she didn't." OMG ...but then did you reach out to Lisa? LOL ROTFLMAO

Oh and I'll close with this. You said "She could have asked her network about me. But, I'm thinking she didn't. Because, if she would've asked any politically active Republican who I've said more than 50 words to in my life,"

OMG THAT IS THE FUNNIEST SELF AGGRANDIZING STATEMENT EVER FROM YOU! But then you are a progressive. Billy you should hear what is said about you by those you claim to have 50 words or more with...LOL

As usual Billy - Be safe out there - progressive loom in the keyboard shadows and they carry a big "strike through" key.

Yours Truly


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