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August 15, 2017


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The fact that fake news devotees like yourself are constantly pushing the false narrative that Trump is a racist is exactly the problem in this country. How about attempting to be honest in your analysis? Give that a shot, maybe?


Wow, I watched the presser and at no time did the President become unglued. He was professional and composed the entire time. I'd be curious to hear you defend your baseless assertion that he was "unglued". I won't hold my breath though.

Ken Stevens

I'm a Ken other than the previous commenter. Bill, I don't think anyone will have to worry about the current president being the Republican nominee for that position in 2020. For most Republicans, the guy's an embarrassment and they don't need that as the face of their party in any future election. He seems to think he's still the head of a business and can order his employees to do his will or else. Well, the members of Congress are not his employees (whether he thinks so or not). He can criticize or label them to his heart's content, but they are much more likely to respond to their real employers (the people who elect them). I expect the vast majority of Republican elected officials are just itching to see this guy gone. Most of them can see that he's a self-important incompetent who is just making life difficult for them.

Ken Stevens

On monuments to the Confederacy and/or honoring of past racists: I would applaud the moving of the Confederate monument near the courthouse to a place out of sight and would even more enthusiastically do the same if the county would only change of a road, a school, and a park named after the deceased former US Senator Arthur Pue Gorman. Do a computer search and see the wikipedia piece on him and you can read all about his deplorable political history.

Nina Basu

I have a list of Howard County roads and other designated areas I would like renamed due to the ignobility of their namesakes.

Moreover, while I agree that there is no place for certain public memorials of the Confederacy (and ROBERT E. LEE AGREED - http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/16/us/robert-e-lee-statues-letters-trnd/index.html) I do think that it is beyond time for Howard County to erect a prominent, artful, and meaningful Slave Memorial. And perhaps spend a little time on the history of the County, which has great things, but also some ugly ones.

Don Draper

Nina, I hope Howard County is on your list since it's named after a slave owner. Also, the name "Columbia" represents the manifest destiny of the white settlers to expand west and kill the natives.

I wonder how well you've thought this out?

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