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September 04, 2017


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Lisa M

Personally, I think the county needs to put a hold on the redistricting process and direct their attention to building a new high school in the SE corridor. For too many years, our children have been packed into overcrowded classrooms and moldy portables. They have been denied textbooks because there weren't enough for every student....and then Queen Renee started limiting the copy paper used to make dittoes because our kids didn't have books. Copiers have been denied. We have been asked to send in tissues and toilet paper (mid year).....yes! toilet paper! because supplies at central office had "run out". Our schools that got build outs for overcrowding never got bigger food delivery areas or extra cafeteria employees leaving many FARMS students with a mere 5-7 minutes to inhale their free lunch (yes...I volunteered and timed this). Any school that has been built in the area has been a downgraded (and opened over capacity) from all the other schools in the county (the kids attending Ducketts Lane run up and down the street....yes I see it!). Sorry, but I don't want redistricting. I want the school system to do the right thing and build a new school. That is the ONLY acceptable answer to this mess. Every student in HCPSS should have access to the same education regardless of the school and that is NOT happening and redistricting will not make this any better.

Lisa Markovitz

Good points Bill. I too believe the real, long-term solution involves a different approach to planning growth, of development and facilities.

Ken Stevens

I pretty much agree with you on this, Bill. As long as there too many students in one school and too few in another, I don't see how school redistricting can be put on hold. If there is a need for additional schools, let's build them ASAP. In the meantime, redistricting to limit pupil imbalance between schools must go on. In Howard County, we can make one school as good as another. Making one neighborhood as good as another would seem to require having a variety of housing in all parts of the county (and I'm all for that).


I've been through major redistrictings before - when River Hill and Marriotts Ridge opened - but I've never seen anything like the insanity of some parents on this one. One parent accused WLHS of having crips and bloods type gangs. Another recent Facebook post that occurred (after Renee Foose almost got hired by State) implied that she had been forced out by a School Board that wanted to approve a major redistricting which she opposed (fake news at its finest). I have to believe the difference has been the proliferation of social media in the past 10 years; Facebook, Twitter, Next Door and community blogs have created a proliferation of truthful information (easy AFPO regs contributed to need for redistricting) and false impressions/fake news (teachers/buildings not socio-economic mix make a school ranking), enabled relative easy protest organization, and are putting both Alan Kittleman and especially Jon Weinstein in cross-hairs of angry parents.

This is another example of uncivility at local as well as national levels.

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