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December 07, 2017


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Hmmm. I haven't heard this. My limited experience at OMHS has been exceptionally positive. In person, the kids have been fun, kind, and inclusive. The teaching staff, administration, and other staff are super. We consider OM a hidden gem. I'm sure it has ups and downs over the course of the daily grind, even if I haven't noticed, but I have not heard or seen anything like what you described. I will ask around. My initial thought is to wonder if something frightening but isolated happened, although the OM administrators usually communicate about such problems fairly quickly. Anyhow, thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it.



Lisa M

Conflict resolution is a learned skill and best practiced from early childhood on. The decrease in recess and free play in kindergarten and the early elementary years, coupled with the education reforms which keep children sitting quietly at desks directly leads into this behavior. It is happening at the Middle school level also. PBIS is bad for children and has been a way to try and" control" children into good behavior...unfortunately, overuse of PBIS is leading to the opposite desired behavior. All one has to do is note that the children in HS now are the children that started in the all day kindergarten with very little open play, recess or free time. A failed experiment on these kids and the teachers now have to pay the price.

Dawn Popp

I don't know how you expect this post to be anything other than divisive. Really disappointed to read this kind of judgmental diatribe based on nothing more than hearsay and (as you admit) just one side of the story.


This post is promoting the racism you claim you are against. It is shameful.


There may be an uptick in student fighting at any or all (or none) of the three schools. It may also be that the people you've heard from just haven't seen/experienced what has gone on in the past or are drawing conclusions and assumptions based on what they've heard. Giving that grace (which is a bit of a leap here), publicly attributing any sort of uptick to racist actions is dangerous and irresponsible. And, as previous commentators have noted, smacks of racism itself. There are productive ways to handle such assumptions (word used intentionally, you know what happens when we assume...) and they do not involve putting out judgment as fact. I would urge you to pull/heavily edit this post


"apparently there are some African-American students who are hoping to provoke white police officers or staff members or Administrators into acting violently towards them." Where did you get this information? Unless there is someone willing to go on the record with this comment (and they actually have a reason to know the facts of the situation), you are being irresponsible publishing it.


Nope, you don't get to use your racist lens to paint an uninformed picture of WLHS and its students. Take your judgment and divisiveness elsewhere.


I agree with many others - In your effort to call out racism, you are being racist yourself by that statement about African American kids inciting violence when you have no proof. It's just a rumor and it's irresponsible of you to repeat it here.

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