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July 05, 2008


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Dave W

Interestingly, when I was growing up in Howard County playing hockey for the Howard County Youth Hockey Club in the 80s and early 90s, the Columbia Ice Rink was considered one of the top rinks in the entire central Maryland/Northern Virginia area for youth hockey. Traveling around to rinks as part of a travel hockey team, it was hard to argue with it. The Columbia Ice Rink routinely held regional hockey tournaments and, as someone who used to work there as well, the public sessions were the place to be for middle and high schoolers on a Friday or Saturday night.

I still go ice skating on a semi-regular basis to various rinks in the area to keep up my skating ability and am routinely disappointed by The Columbia Ice Rink. Other than a fresh coat of paint every so often, I don't think CA has made a single upgrade to the Columbia Ice rink since the early 90s. New ice rinks have been popping up all over outside of Howard County that are light years ahead of the Columbia Ice Rink (Laurel Ice Gardens, Piney Orchard, and even a couple down in Montgomery County that I forget the names of). Meanwhile, the Columbia Ice Rink looks every bit it's 30+ years.

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