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July 20, 2008


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Chris Bachmann

I've been wondering about this very question myself. It's been the sort of thing that I've pondered on and off for years, but really from a technical point of view. There is a culture aspect to my thinking as well. The problem is my voice. I tend to be an introvert, albeit a noisy one. I tend to get a little intimidated in public forums for a while, but I've found that posting on my blog is bringing my voice out. After talking to others in the community and talking about an overall vision for TC, I decided to do a verbal dump on my own site just to get it out. Columbia has had the problem of too many voices in the wilderness and as a result, the local blowhards get their way. No offense to Liz Bobo and Lloyd Knowles, both of who I still consider family friends, but I think their push will be to the detriment to TC. That, and I tend to be working when these GPP proposals come out.

Now the question is how do we make a more centralized location for indy voices. HoCoBlogs is a place, but maybe we bloggers need to make up a serious challenge to the flyer with some tools to start croudsourcing problems.


We're busy working!!!

For the last few years (since I entered the workforce, really) I've realized why a very finite number of the population decides elections (local and otherwise), major decisions, and other community events. Everyone is being kept busy with their day job.

Wasn't the big GGP meeting with The People held early afternoon on a weekday? Who the hell is available to come talk about the development plan on a random weekday afternoon? You can't take leave for these things because you'd be going out of your way *every time* something came up. The corporations, elected officials and advocacy groups don't have 40-hour work weeks and life in suburbia and bills and kids and taxes (oh the taxes, let me count them for you) and oh-my-god-give-me-the-scotch-now!!! to deal with.

That's a little dramatic, and it's really not an excuse, but you get the point.


The people who aren't speaking up believe they don't have the time and energy it takes to make a difference and so are surrendering the outcome and hoping for tolerance. What Drew said.

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