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August 09, 2008


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Can you give us the executive summary of being an EIC? I followed the link and I had to dig around for anything about what consitutes an EIC. Finally, I found a 100+ document about it, but heck if I have time for that. I am interested, but not enough to do a whole bunch of digging around for myself at this point.

Young at Heart

What would it realistically take for this to happen? Would each home have to be retrofitted in some way? Could this really be done in an established community nearing the half-century mark with tens of thousands of private owners? Isn't this more practical in communities that are currently being built? I'm not trying to be a wet blanket, I just really want to know.

Marshmallow Man


For those looking for more information in overview form, try here:



Thanks. EIC is kind of a misnomer, because we would still be reliant on gasoline for cars. Anyway, what mix of alternative energy sources is available to us, and what is the cost to implement those? The cost must be astronomical, don't you think?

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