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September 14, 2008


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A link for recycle bin delivery is on the homepage of the HoCo gov't website, the url for the delivery status is below.


Let me ask you: do you recycle now? Or are you going to start recycling after you get your bin?

Ordinary Joe

Regarding spring break: "For most families with kids in school, especially whose kids participate in sports or other activities, spring break is mostly an illusion anyway."

Perhaps it's an illusion for the parents, but is that how the kids perceive it?

Another blog had reported that 52% of parents surveyed preferred that the spring break be shortened. My question was this: Is this the parents looking out for their children's interests, or the parents looking out for their self-interests?

I don't know the answer, but I have my suspicions.


US students are not in the top 20 countries for Math, Science, or Reading per:


So, I'm thinking that the parents who agree with any additional or contiguous time in school (as enjoyed by those on the top 20) are the ones who want the best for their children.


It's not just about test scores! Our children have so little "down time." Only 15 minutes of recess per day when their bodies and brains are starved for physical activity, and now we're going to shorten Spring Break??? Kids need vacations!


Some kids may need extended vacations rather than routine but by far most kids operate better on a routine. That is a perception unsupported by figures, like your claim.

That's not to say kids don't need breaks and physical activity. Most need this very much (again, perception) on a daily basis. But not for extended periods during the year.

Weeks away from a routine damages momentum for many situations, same applies here.


So, is that a no on recycling?

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