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September 11, 2008


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The opposition you're speaking of might include Alan Klein, Bridget Mugane, and others who have not ever said ridiculous things about their opposition, it's just not in their makeup. If Alan and Bridget fail it will be because they took civility too far. You are so far off the mark that anyone reading this who has met these people and knows them will not respect your opinion.

And let me see if I have this right:

A new group consisting of younger folks is currently trying to organize but hasn't come together the way the existing group has, though they both work for the same goals.

Who did you say was anti-diverse?

If the younger folks are, in fact, forming a social group rather than a civic group then I can see why they are vague and do not want to join forces with the existing, more well organized group.

The political adjectives thrown around about people you do not agree with are distasteful, and lying about others in order to support a subsidiary agenda will haunt you long-term.

Credibility is key.

Marshmallow Man

Actually, I know I'm right on target.

Bridget Mugane and Alan Klein (I know Bridget, don't know Alan but I've read his thoughts extensively) are thoughful and considerate in their observations and positions. I may not agree with them 100% of the time but I see their thought processes.

I'm referring more to, without naming names, those such as the person, someone who has served Columbia in many capacities, who wrote to the Times/Flier that "the Columbia pioneers know what is best for Columbia's downtown" (I think you recall I cited this letter in another conversation you and I had). I can think of a few former CA board members (ones from KC and OM come to mind) who pop up in local media and listserves with their views, which are mere extensions of policy beliefs that were rejected when they were on the CA Board.

These are the people whose thought processes are harder to understand, and as far as I'm concerned, respect. Because it seems to me that their views are rooted in the past, and not considerate of the future, of changing social needs. Convince me otherwise.

I don't know if Columbia 2.0 is a social group or a civic group. They say they're civic, but maybe they're not. I don't know them, as I mention above.

Last-- my original post is totally opinion, extremely little fact (identifying Jud and Phil as Columbia Tomorrow's leaders are the only facts I can find). Unless that is wrong, I don't see anything in that post that can be called a lie. Perhaps you disagree with my views, perhaps even strongly, that doesn't make them any less valid.


Sorry to have zeroed in on Alan and Bridget but I didn't know who was being targeted and it sounded as though the statement "this faction is off-putting at best, downright nasty at worst." might include people like them.

I remember that conversation, and hope people will be more forgiving of human imperfection, allowing a method or path to return from a mistake.

Sometimes it's best to come out swinging when a bully is involved. But when the person is simply passionate, other avenues serve everyone better.

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