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March 12, 2012


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She also delivered a fantastic smackdown to Allen Dyer when he attempted to derail the meeting concerning reading classes and draw attention to his impeachment proceedings. That gained my respect right there.


Are you kidding me? Ellen thought it was a okay for Central Office to take a position out of the teacher pool (which is supposed to be used to reduce class size) and give it to Mamie's daughter to make an extra resource position!


Oops-almost forgot- Ellen also gave Sydney a 14.5% increase in 2009 stating that he hadn't had a raise in the recent past. However, she forgot that his salary went from 208,950 in FY06 to 231,464 in FY08 then to the recent 265,000 some a year in a 401K)- whoops...
She also voted to make some employees pay much more for health care while leaving his at 100%.

Marshmallow Man

Colleen-- so that I can adequately respond to your comments, I would like to know about your managerial background and community involvement. Please let me know. Thanks!

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The information posted about Dr. Cousins salary, raises, and contributions is correct. The poster did not mention that Dr. Cousin also gave the top people at central office several percent raises while holding other staff down to around 1/2 percent while substantially increasing their health insurance contributions. All this was done with the approval of Ellen Flynn Giles. The information about removing the teacher pool position in order to give Mrs. Perkins daughter an job she did not have to go through regular channels to get is also true. The managerial or community experience of the poster does not make that information more or less true. You can check it out yourself.

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