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May 02, 2012


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Bill Bissenas

What's the link to the listserv?

Marshmallow Man

It's on Yahoo! Groups, search "howardpubliced"


Well, this is awkward.

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Look what a tool De Lacy is! Here she is attacking a HCPSS student (not even a candidate anymore at this point) just because he doesn't list her as someone that he supports. What a narcissistic piece of trash!

JD Smith

I hope you see the irony in calling someone a "narcissistic
piece of trash" under the banner CIVILITY ALERT that was initially used to condemn someone for asking a simple question.

Corey Andrews

Ann is a union thug. Nothing more, nothing less. I couldn't care less about being civil. It's about the truth.

(Tom, I was an HCPSS student at the time. No longer)

Marshmallow Man

The only thing "simple" about the question, Tom, is Automatic Ann's mind.


Corey, I do think "union thug" is a bit harsh. I am more disturbed by her tone --- referring to people she potentially may work with as "the gang of four", an uabashed supported of Al Dyer, but, most particularly disturbing and as evidenced by her posts at howardpubliced, someone who "shoots from the hip.". DeLacey doesn't think; she spouts and spews. Do we really need someone this venemous on the BOE? I viewed her presentation as part of the OBRC and she really had nothing to say of substance. But both she and the other presenter have no issue attacking on howardpubliced. When given the chance, they cowered and offered nothing. I believe this lack of substance would carry through to any DeLacey incumbency.


Hey Bill, who is the other presenter?

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