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March 22, 2014


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LOL 10 grams isn't a small amount of marijuana.

Jessie Newburn

Since when is pot addictive? Sugar is addicitive. Let's deal with that one if we want to deal with "addiction" in our Society. Regulate sugar intake; mandate counseling for sugar overdoses; penalize parents who send their children off to school with sugar-filled breakfasts. Oh, and let's tax the heck out of sugar and any products containing it, especially HFCS. You know, we need that extra income for the state to deal with the countless physical, mental and socetal problems that come from excess sugar intake.

You want to deal with addiction, Mr. 53? Let's deal with it.

I think you're right in that addiction is a terrible thing. Of course it is. It speaks to choices that feel almost as if some alien being has taken over The Control Panel of Our Lives, and it doesn't, by any means, have our best long-term, self-love interests at heart.

Let's look at addiction and drugs: Alcohol, sugar and nicotine are all drugs, yet they're legal. So is industrialized bread and craptastic, low-grade carbs like Little Debbies snacks; they're addictive drugs if you give it a modicum of thought. We don't call them that -- we don't dare call crappy-carb, low-nutrient processed food "drugs" ... but they function as such. If you think about it: anything we put in our bodies which alters our chemistry is, in effect, a "drug."

So, yeah, let's deal with addiction. We can all start by reducing our sugar and crappy-food intake. Today.

Mashmallow Man

Well, I do think 10 grams is a small amount. And most recreational users have more.

And no less than the National Institute on Drug Abuse finds marijuana to be an addictive substance. Google it!

The point with processed sugar products is a good one. I wouldn't be sad to see Little Debbies leave the Earth. But Twinkies? Now there's hallowed ground.

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