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August 26, 2014


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Trevor Greene

About the Kittleman website:

1. I'm surprised that Courtney Watson's campaign is going negative so early. They must have some polling numbers showing that the race is close, or Kittleman is ahead. If Kittleman plays this correctly, this could result in an influx of donations for his campaign.

2. Don't think for one second that this website was not approved by Watson. Her name is on the slate that endorsed the website. Either she saw the website and approved it, or she needs to figure out how it got published without her consent.

3. The website comes across as a Hail Mary pass. It seems like an attempt to throw a bunch of dirt at Kittleman to see what sticks, with a serious chance of backfiring. The arguments on the website are very poorly written. For example, it says that Kittleman does not support teachers. That is not true. Rather, the truth is Kittleman does not have the support of the Teachers Unions (does any Republican have the support of the Teachers union? Why does any Union even bother endorsing anyone in the general election?) Frankly, many would consider that a positive these days, especially in light of the rumors of all the unethical actions of our local Teachers Union. Also, the website says that Kittleman voted against funding the schools and libraries. Another spurious argument. Kittleman proposed a more responsible budget. That is part of the negotiations of the budget process. Many would think this a positive for Kittleman, as it is time we have some checks and balances in our local government.

4. Personally, what is upsetting about this website is the manner in which it turns the debate negative. I'm really disappointed in the Watson campaign for going negative so early. I don't care about the candidates' pro-choice or pro-life record. It will not affect their ability to act as County Executive even one one-thousandth of one percent. I was looking forward to a positive debate about Howard County's future. Can we please talk about the candidates' plans for our schools, our parks, our libraries, our roads, development, speed cameras, storm water runoff, the environment, public transportation, biking, master planning, technology, etc.

Barb Krupiarz

I too am disgusted by the negative website. I had a message exchange with Calvin Ball about the negativity of the Howard County Democratic Party Facebook site also. As a Democrat, I almost always vote for Democrats. But, the negative campaigning and inability of our elected officials in the U.S. to work together has made me disillusioned with our system. The referendum issue made me so irate that I started to attend candidate forums. My first forum was prior to the primaries when Mary Kay Sigaty yelled (very loud and very angrily) at the audience for not being present to help her with an issue. I have also been working in Annapolis to get a special education bill passed and Senator Kittleman was a co-sponsor. So, I introduced myself to him at the forum. He seemed to be a different kind of politician than the ones that disgusted me in Annapolis. I started attending his town hall meetings and checking out his website. He wants transparency in government, which is refreshing after the fiasco with the referendum. He talks about what he wants to do for Howard County and why. He will give you the reasons why he didn't vote for certain bills in Annapolis, which people should look into rather than believing the half truths coming from my party. I asked about the contraceptive bill that my party says he voted against to try to limit women's access to birth control. Senator Kittleman voted against the bill because it had a provision allowing 13 year old children access to birth control without parental consent. He also tried to work with the bill sponsors to change that provision to 18 or even 17, but they wouldn't budge. Frankly, I am happy that he reads these bills because, after spending a few years advocating for environmental and education bills, I found that not many in Annapolis do. So, if you are swayed by the negativity of the Democrats as I am, I would encourage you to ask questions, attend a town hall meeting or send him an email. I bet you will get a reasoned response and then, you should make your decisions. Let's not let half truth, negative campaigning win here in Howard County. Let's see if we can get the campaign to be about what the candidate proposes to do for Howard County.

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