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August 26, 2014


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Mike Davis

Well, MM, if you want to really see Allan's "case," as you call, go to the real website, kittleman.com, and see is positions.

Why vote for Allan? Many good answers.

With Allan, what you see is what you get. He relates well with people, listens to what they say, and when asked a question, he gives his answer - no matter who is asking the question. Want to know where Allan stands on something? Just ask him.

On education, Allan has the support of many, many teachers, staff, and principals because he actually goes into the schools and actively participates in school activities. In Annapolis, Allan voted for over $1 billion in school construction. The better question is why the Democrats have been unable to close the achievement gap in Howard County. Yes, lots of money gets pumped into our school system, but not to all areas of our County. In any case, Allan has actually rolled up his sleeves and worked with so many in education, he is recognized as a strong friend by educators, such as Nancy Grasmick, Chuck Ecker and Diana Mikilus, just to name a few.

On economic development and jobs, Allan has a strong background, a sound understanding of the needs of our business community, and will do what is necessary to good secure jobs in the future. You mentioned Allan's support of the Inner Arbor, but Allan supports the entire downtown Columbia plan - and is excited about the economic vitality that will come from such activity.

Allan has also been a strong advocate for a regional transportation system that really will work - like building a BRT now. Our residents spend far too much time fighting traffic during rush hour. We just can't keep adding lanes to roads to solve this vexatious problem.

I could go on. And you can go to the real website, kittleman.com, and review all of Allan's positions.

About the Democrat's website - the Howard Team, made up of Courtney Watson among others, has put out a website, cherry picking Allan's strong record of accomplishment. Anybody can put together a website like that, full of cherry picked "facts." But does such a website really move the conversation about the real issues that face our County forward? Of course not. It's just plain old politics as usual - go negative and then hope the electorate doesn't catch on until after the election. I say, good luck with that plan. I don't think it will work this time.

Leslie Kornreich

I am a lifelong Democrat, and I am voting for Allan Kittleman.

Having run for office myself and even before that being an advocate for my community's needs, I have found that I and many in my community do not have a seat at the table. I have found nothing but frustration in trying to advocate for our schools and our community's needs at every level of county government. The one party rule that has been in place as long as I have lived here has brought rampant high density development and hardly any of the necessary infrastructure to support it. Our comprehensive rezoning process is broken and our referendum process is in shambles. In the Maryland Senate, Allan reached across the aisle and engaged Democratic senators to advocate for a bill to fix the referendum process -- the only recourse we have to make the people's voices heard to get a law changed through grassroots efforts. Allan (and Senators Kasemeyer and Robey) got it through the Senate, only to die in committee when it reached the State House.

Allan is the only candidate admitting that while Howard County is a great place overall, we have a lot of problems we need to address. And we need to address them as a community. And he is offering us all a seat at at the table to accomplish that.

Also broken, and at the root of the over-development problems I mentioned above and also the problem of concentrated affordable housing, are all the rules and regulations that govern our planning and zoning department. It seems like there are more waivers and exceptions granted to developers than there are rules governing them. Allan has assured us that will not happen under his administration -- that everyone plays by the same rules. Period. Developers will not be able to buy their way out of environmental regulations or rules governing how much affordable housing they must build in their communities.

I encourage all your readers to attend one of Allan's town hall meetings and ask him challenging questions. It is our responsibility as citizens of this county to hear what both sides have to say.

Casimir Moran

Where can I find a listing of upcoming town hall meetings for Kittleman? I would like to check it out.

And, maybe this is snarky, but is there any doubt as to who this blogger will "endorse"? No real need to stay tuned for that. But I do read other blog posts if for no other reason than to hear issues are being discussed in the public.

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