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May 22, 2015


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Lisa M

Because the powers that now hold office need to go back to kindergarten and learn the art of compromise. They need to learn that actions have consequences. They need to learn how to engage in conversation. They need to learn how to listen. They need to remember how life was BEFORE money became the motivator. All things learned in kindergarten.

Columbia Democrat

"Railways that fail and kill people". What is a recent example of this? I can't think of any. Don't say Amtrak because that was clearly driver error, not a fundamental problem with the rail.

Lisa M

@ Columbia Democrat.....No one has determined that the Amtrak accident occurred due to driver error, but the one thing that could have prevented the accident was technology that has been available for several years now. The railroads have little to no oversight by government since the 70's when the railroads were almost bankrupt and the government basically gave up any control so that the rail system in this country wouldn't die. They are now one of the biggest lobbies and have been making money for years. They don't want to spend any of the profits to upgrade....people die.

Columbia Democrat

Rail is one of the safest ways to travel. I believe the recent crash which is obviously caused by the driver going too fast was the first such crash in 30 years. Amtrak is in no way subjecting people to unwarranted risks.

James P. Howard, II

No, the same accident happened in 1990 in Back Bay.

Columbia Democrat

25 years ago. Rail is obviously a very safe way to travel.

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