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May 17, 2015


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James P. Howard, II

Howard County may be ready for prime time, but your softball team sure isn't!

Harry Schwarz

Planners are recognizing the need for multi-modal transportation, what with construction of the Columbia Downtown Trail and the Open Streets Event on June 13. The Event plans to demonstrate how an existing road, in this case the Little Pax loop, can better enable people movement, whether they choose to drive, cycle, walk, run, or take transit. See more at: http://www.thehorizonfoundation.org/openstreets/#sthash.N8Yd0Lfz.dpuf. Ultimately, we're going to need a master plan that addresses the transportation needs of this growing city.

Marshmallow Man

No wonder they call you Ugly Jamie!


Let's be realistic. People are going to drive. Multi modal. Ha! This is still a commuter suburb. Those 10,000 new residents will drive to Ft. Meade and DC and Baltimore like all the rest of us.

Thursday was a mess. I have no doubt the traffic cost Columbia businesses more revenue than it made for MPP.

Steve Swanhart

Are you complaining that your a victim of your own success?


WITW shuttle buses are a great idea! Even one that made a loop to all VCs. It would draw people to their VC, and maybe after WITW people would go to dinner there as well. Additionally, it would help solve the designated driver issue for those who can walk to the VC.

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