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July 13, 2015


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Okay, I'll try to be positive here.
1 - it's quite easy to say that there "should" be time for academics, arts, and athletics in a school day. It's another thing entirely to make it work. First and foremost is Race to the Top, which mandates the standardized tests and all the prep necessary for them. Then there's the increased emphasis on STEM classes. If you read Julia's blog, you noticed that HCPSS is cutting back on music and arts at the elementary level for more emphasis on academics, world languages, etc? Right? Now you want to carve out more time for physical activities? Where do you propose to cut, or do you want to increase the school day by two hours?
2 - this is a good idea, but expand it. Rec and Parks is only a small part of youth sports in the county. Work with SAC, HCYP, WHC, EYO, Savage Youth, AYRA, HYBA, HCLP, etc. Just as a warning - based on my experience (15 years with those organizations as well as Rec and Parks volunteer) the schools with lower registration are going to be primarily in Columbia. And most of those youth organizations don't serve Columbia, although they'll take any Columbia kid who wants to play. You'll get the biggest bang for the buck trying to get Columbia folks more active
3 - Interesting idea, but hard to implement because you have to decide how many "non-healthy" dishes a restaurant can have before you ban them. You can get an unhealthy meal at Sweetgreen or Mango Grove if you want.
4 - You're kidding, right? They have their own website. They have a Facebook page. They advertise/list on all the running websites. If you're into running at all, the only way you can NOT know about the Police Pace is to willfully ignore it. Okay, if you're trying to reach the community of folks that never run, have never run, and have never known about running, to drag newbies into the fold, you might want to put announcements in other places, but that's about it.

Columbia Democrat

Kittleman does not need an alternative. This is literally the dumbest legislation I have ever heard of. People should be free to eat what they want. When did us Democrats become the party of "no"?

Not a Democrat

I see what you did there, Columbia Democrat.

(And be "what you did there", I mean purposefully or ignorantly not bothering to understand what's being talked about. And also pretending to be a Democrat.)

Columbia Democrat

I am most definetly a registered democrat. Voting in the democratic primary is the only way my vote counts in Maryland since the general election is a rubber stamp. But please, continue to run your mouth about stuff you have no clue about.

Sugar Sugar

Wow will the author now look in the mirror and begin his own slim down Calvin Ball new and improved "No Sugar For You" dance in communist style hip hop swag. Since when does the marshmallow man attack the very substance of his survival?

Your shallow list of alternatives...well why didn't you hit your boy CBAll Sugar Daddy up with your grand ideas before he and his left wing county council posse as well as his left wing non profit community organizers -PATH (who will see community out reach cash flood their banks from CBall) began their 21st century crusades on personal choice.

If we have the most educated work forced and community in the Nation - as you regurgitated on cue when when your other "Boy" KennyU was King - then what is the problem...are you now saying they are illiterates not capable of reading the labels for content? nor capable of making choices of consumption on their own...because they are too stupid to do so? And let's not forget this bill is directed at government employees of Howard County - not the children or schools...the county has no food jurisdiction there...

Stay Fat My Marshmallow Friend and Eat More Sugar...

Columbia Democrat

^truth right there my friends

Steve Breeden

Pretending to be a Democrat in order to criticize Democrats and anonymous name-calling.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2015 Republican Party.

You would think with all that tough guy gun talk, Frank Mirabile would use his real name. Scared someone will find out you're off your meds, Frank? We won't tell.

Columbia Democrat

I am most certainly a registered Democrat, since that is what most readers of this blog seem to care about. By registering as a Dem, I can vote for the least detestable candidate in the primary, when the dem votes are split. I feel like that's the only way my vote counts for anything. For example, I feel like I voted against Brown and boy wonder Ulman twice last election, once in the primary and once in the general.

I am legally a democrat, deal with it.

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