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July 30, 2015


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You're commenting about people who are intense, and who post that people who disagree with them are stupid? Have you ever actually read your own blog? Because you do that, like, a lot.


I knew this one was coming as soon as I posted last night.

The comment "Have you ever actually read your own blog?", some would take as insulting. And maybe you mean to be. I don't take it as that.

This medium, I perceive, as one of mass consumption. Broader brush strokes. If you go back and look at my comments, I don't think you'll find me calling any individual commenter "stupid" or any such thing. I will, however, say such things about positions individuals and organizations take publicly, because again, they're putting them out there into the public arena.

So I consider these Tweets and posts that I refer to in my post today as "mini-blogs"-- not out there for the universe but for however many friends and followers you have. And on that scope, the more intense language-- it appears coarser to me.

And if you follow me on FB or twitter, other than sharing these posts, you will very rarely see me post anything political. I'd much rather talk sports or work or post pictures of my kids and cats and cool nature things.

Phil K

A couple of reasons come to mind:

1. The mediums themselves -- such as Twitter, Facebook, etc -- lend themselves to short blurbs. It can be hard to fit a well thought-out post into some of them (Twitter, for example, has a very short limitation on length). Thus many posters, perhaps even subconsciously, post piecemeal thoughts.

2. Society seems to move ever faster than before. This puts some in a rush, rush mindset. And we have seen what kind of posts can result when people rush to put their thoughts online.

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