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December 02, 2015


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Good piece. It's also amusing because they argue that the bill will introduce partisan politics. However, there already is partisan political party in the BoE: it's called the Foose Party and De Lacy, Siddiqui, et al are founding members.

Lisa M

Maybe you have seen a fantastic school system in the past, but I can tell you that it has just been the top of the "heap of steaming poo" IMO. Maybe it's because my kids started at the decline of Dr. Cousins (when the BoEd was actually running HCPSS and building up it's big ego). I can tell you that it has declined considerably over the past several years. The curriculum that the county wrote is absolutely AWFUL (especially math). I have been in to talk with the Principal, VP and Math Coordinator. They sort of agreed and told me that I needed to go give my 3 minute speech at a meeting. I REFUSE to go because only 2-3 of the BoEd seem to LISTEN. ADL sighs and rolls her eyes, French looks around, Giles fiddles with papers, Saddiqui looks asleep and our charlatan of a Super is tweeting. No one wants to give up their time for that display of "civility". I know the contract for Foose is coming to an end, so my guess is that she is "making nice" with the status quo so that she keeps her cushy job with the county.


Very true.. It deserves better

Sandy A

This is absolutely true and despicable. Howard County used to be the best of the best. The changes made by Dr. Foose have done nothing to even maintain that world class status. Howard County schools have taken so many steps backward, thanks to the sheep on the BOE that follow Dr. Foose wherever she goes. Her methods of leading by intimidation are unfair, nasty, and beneath the civility needed for this job. I strongly urge the BOE to wake up, talk to the stakeholders in Howard County, and do not renew her contract.


This school system is not world class. It's resting on its laurels. It's enshrining inequity. It's Board and Superintendant are an embarrassment.


I remember watching Ken Ulman do the same at various times when I worked for the Howard Co. Council as a member of the council and as executive. I was embarrassed and felt bad for the individuals talking or testiving at the time.

He seemed not to care when others were speaking.

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