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February 05, 2016


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Christine McComas

Sadly, I wrote a very long empassioned response of my experiences last night, and now lost it while trying to copy and paste my blog site below.... can't find the will to recreate right now.


A monopoly is going to behave like a monopoly. The HCPSS does what it wants because it has no competition. Give parents choice- in the form of school vouchers- and see what happens.

Sandy Adkins

As a retired teacher (32 years HCPSS), I am disappointed to see a vibrant school system being dismantled piece by piece by this superintendent and the noxious board of education. It is time to immediately become involved with those candidates who can unseat those board members up for reelection.
On a more positive note, thank heavens for the two honest, hardworking, independent members who have the courage to stand up for teachers, parents, students, and what is right.

Kevin Schmidt

Great post!

AJ Williams

Regarding staff packing the board rooms,they were told they had to be there. Emails in the morning directed departments to attend. Don't blame the rank and file, they had no choice and they do want to keep their jobs. Central Office is full of really good hard working people, they keep silent because to speak out would be career suicide.


I am curious if anyone has information on individuals who will be seeking election to the Board of Education, and any evaluations of them. It looks like 3 of the sitting members are up for re-election, and I wouldn't mind supporting new candidates.

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