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June 13, 2016


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Trump 2016!

Hillary Clinton is ill equipped to deal with terrorism. She keeps saying people under investigation by the FBI should not be able to buy a gun, and i think they should not be able to run for president either.

I encourage her to donate the $25 million the Clinton foundation received from terrorists to charity and drop out of the race. Also she should delete her Twitter.

Rebecca Otte

"I'm saying that what we need to do is lower the level of anger and hatred and intolerance. Because what our society has become, has become a breeding ground, a medium for this contagion to grow."

Exactly this. Thank you for writing this post. There are many possible ways forward from here, several of which will cause a lot of disagreement. But surely we can all agree that respecting other people is an easy step we can take that will have an impact.

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