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January 12, 2017


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Lisa M

And in the meantime......who suffers the most from all of this nonsense? The children!! This is just like a marriage gone bad with the parents fighting over custody of the kids. Nobody wins, but it's the children that are left damaged and scarred for life. Well, I think that one side grew more of a conscience in November, and that is the side that will ultimately win. If Foose truly is an educator and truly loves the children of this county, she should slink away for the sake of the children. All she is doing at this point is making the citizens (parents of children) of this county want to stand in front of Central Office with pitchforks in hand to demand her departure out the backdoor. More money to be wasted (just like the impeachment of Alan Dyer AFTER he was voted out of his position!) that could better be used in the classrooms to educate our children.


Between the school system death spiral and the potential impact of CB9, I am seriously considering selling my house in Howard County and moving to Frederick Co. before HoCo property values are in the pooper.


Shame on you Bill. You are a conspiracy theorist and a racist homophobe. In contrast, Foose and I care about the students.


Shame on you, ADL, for the terrible job you did on the BOE and for not taking your huge election loss with even a shred of dignity. You never cared about anyone but yourself and it got you an early retirement from the BOE, and a well-deserved one at that. Enough. Have some pride and just go away.

Marshmallow Man

I don't think that the commenter above is the real ADL. Rather, I believe this is one of those trolls who post nasty, nasty messages on the pages of the Baltimore Sun comments section. A troll by any other name!

Bon Ford

The term sexual preference is not one I would use in that being LGBT is not a choice that changes day to day. Sexual orientation is the better term

Marshmallow Man

I appreciate the mention! I know the correct term, and used the term I used to attempt to characterize the activities mentioned in the suit, rather than describe the Superintendent's orientation. I have changed the word used because the comments in the suit suggest that her orientation and choice of partners have been called to question.

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