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January 14, 2017


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Danny Miller

This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Bill. You sound like a wonderful person. I am a mental health counselor in Howard County and also have many dear friends who have emigrated from other counties. I also was born in another country (Papua) but because I am white and have no accent, I have not had to worry. I have seen the pain and fear brought on by the threats of the new administration. This bill is a kind and compassionate effort to love. The only thing that will defeat it is fear and hatred. May God take care of those who don't have a voice if we don't.


"Simply put, this legislation reaffirms the opportunity that every resident has, that millions of Americans have died for over the past 240 years."

While your overall testimony is a steaming pile of nonsense, the above is perhaps the most insulting. Suggesting that millions of Americans died so that non-citizens can be protected under our laws. Shockingly disconnected from reality.

Marshmallow Man

To Correspondent Ken-- you disagree then that this nation was built on immigrants? And millions of Americans died so that everyone living under this flag could enjoy its freedoms. That was my statement and it is solid as bedrock. Read your history, please, then come back and try to approach me.

There is no "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses-- but only with papers."


Actually MM, you are dead wrong and there is no denying it. There is a process for immigrants to follow to be here legally, and papers are required.

Thousands of immigrants in HoCo followed the law and took the right path. CB9 really makes them out to be suckers. Very unfair to them!

Son of

Interesting thing to me is there seem to be two groups most strongly against CB9:

1. Older, longer term residents of HC whose real complaint (beyond legal/illegal) is they don't like the change that has occurred in the demographics of the County over the past 20 years. Ironically this was primarily due to legal immigration - Korean, Chinese, South Asian, and Mid-Eastern. Look at the re-population of neighborhoods in Ellicott City and demographics of the school system - it isn't hispanics that have driven it.

2. The new (primarily Asian) immigrants who have come to County over the past 20 years many with money, for graduate school, or with technology skills that qualified them for green cards and high paying jobs. They apparently want to slam the door behind them (although many are sponsoring their own relatives to legally come here). Coming here for financial benefit is okay but immigrating for survival is not?

It is an amazing alliance. As child of European immigrants who came here with nothing and with no education I identify more strongly with those coming here for their kids and that is who this bill is intended to help.


Son of... please refrain from trying to categorize people. It's as insulting as it is overly simplistic and it serves no purpose. It's no better than claiming all illegals are rapists and thieves. I, for one, don't know anyone who fits in either of the categories you mentioned -for or against the proposed bill.

MM: What you think is "bedrock" is no more than sand and you should probably check your history before insinuating others need a lesson. While this nation was clearly built on immigrants, I take exception to your implication that it was build by illegal immigrants. Your reference to the Emma Lazarus quote is also unfortunate. Those that passed through Ellis Island were required to pass a physical exam and be interrogated before paying "head tax", -yet the quote doesn't mention that either. Getting to America was not a free ticket to all it had to offer even then. Again, wild generalities of this nature, and the implications they're intended to evoke, aren't helpful.

To the point: I can't understand why anyone would think CB9 is a good idea. I also find it insulting for someone to claim people died so others could live here illegally and enjoy the freedoms America has to offer. Those rights are for citizens that were either born here or went through the process. By definition, they do NOT apply to those who aren't citizens -nor should they. It really is that simple. Those that claim people opposed to this bill are against immigration are also misguided and ill-informed. It's an obvious straw argument that simply isn't true.

Let's focus on the issue and not all the biased rhetoric and implied arguments that seems to follow this kind of charged topic.

I too understand the system is broken. But, this is not the solution any more than deporting everyone who's illegal. A better solution might be to fix the system rather than making it illegal for law enforcement, at any level, to enforce existing laws. Their job is tough enough already.

Just my $.02.


An illegal immigrant from El Salvador is suing the city of San Francisco, alleging police violated the city's sanctuary city policy by turning him over to U.S. immigration authorities after he reported his car stolen.

Howard County does not need this headache! CB9 would open us up to being sued by illegals if the HoCo police help the Feds!




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