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April 28, 2018


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A responsible individual from ANY party needs to step up and run against habitual drunk driver Byron MacFarlane for Register of Wills. Surely there is someone who will do it before Byron kills someone with his car?


This was a good blog post. I appreciate you shining a light on the behind-the-scenes methods that local democrats are utilizing to grab and hold onto power. It is interesting to see the Machiavellian strategies employed by Calvin Ball, Courtney Watson, and the Siddiquis.

It's unfortunate we live in an area where our congressional districts, state legislative districts, and county council districts are so gerrymandered that our elected officials are imposed upon us by party politics and back-room deals. But, that's what people keep voting for, so that's what we've got.

I am hopeful that during the upcoming campaign, the ultra-popular Governor Hogan can highlight the political gamesmanship going on in Maryland's Democratic party so that people can vote their conscious instead of voting for a "D or" an "R".


I just remembered that at one of the last blog happy hours, Byron MacFarlane sponsored the drink tickets. That's incredible- a habitual drunk driver actually sponsoring booze at a happy hour. Incredible that all the blogs are completely ignoring this.

Ken Stevens

It's pretty obvious some commentators here have agendas, Bill. The person who attributes "Machiavellian strategies" to Democrats and describes Governor Hogan as "ultra-popular" is clearly a Republican who hopes to influence readers to vote for his or her kind of people. The usage of a certain word in the last sentence should be good for a few laughs.


Democrats have a real problem calling out their own. Nationally we can look at Harry Weinstein and today's news about the NY Attorney General. Locally, Dems endorse drunk driver Byron MacFarlane.

No principles!

Frank Miserable

Frank Mirabile posing as "Ken". Get a life. And stop using your cell phone when driving...could get your license suspended...


Common Ken Stevens. According to a recent Goucher Poll, Hogan has a 69% approval rating. A quote from the Baltimore Sun article about the poll, "Hogan remains widely popular among Maryland voters..." "Widely popular"... "ultra-popular". "Po-tay-to"... "Po-tah-to". The fact of the matter is, Maryland is ludicrously gerrymandered to favor Democrats. Even Governor O'Malley admitted that fact under oath. Additionally, the state legislature has bent the law to favor Democrat's getting elected (laws mandating union membership, laws banning legislative sessions from being recorded, laws banning poll workers confirming voter's identities, etc). It's scary that you (and so many others) are willing to throw parity in our democratic process away just to keep your party in power.


The person who needs to have their license suspended is drunk driver Byron MacFarlane.

Ken Stevens

Whoever is hiding behind a@b.net should take his or her complaints about the lack of "parity in our democratic process" to the Republicans in the many states where they can and do gerrymander for partisan advantage.


Ken Stevens... I 100% agree that it is terrible that Republicans are using the gerrymandering process to partisan advantage in many states, but I don't live in those states. I live in Maryland. And short of a constitutional amendment (which won't happen in our lifetimes), there is nothing my vote can do to change things in the Republican states. Now, I'll tell you what I tell my kids when they make a similar argument... If all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you jump off too?

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