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May 28, 2018


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Why is Ellicott City experiencing frequent bad foods all the sudden? I’m sure your readers will fall over themselves to blame Trump somehow, but does anyone know the real reason? Perhaps too much development was approved which created more pavement in the highlands around EC which funnels rain water down Main Street?


The Hydrology/Hyrdaulic Study conducted by the McCormick Taylor company indicates that upstream development does play a contributing factor role, but it doesn't contribute nearly as much as some anti-development folks want it to for the sake of argument. The major difference appears to be climate change - storms and hurricanes in recent years have become more destructive everywhere you look, and the atmsophere's moisture holding capacity appears to have increased as well. Basically, Ellicott City lies next to a river at the bottom of a funnel, and wooded or not, the steep sides of that funnel are very good at draining massive, unprecedented inundations of precipitation to areas of population and commerce that exist only because they were built there during the industrial revolution out of necessity. Anybody looking to develop a similar town today would have the good sense to build it well outside of the flood plain, not in the middle of it.


Link to the McCormick Taylor study?


Study can be found here



Thanks, George. What part of the report speaks to climate change? I'll admit I haven't had time to read the whole thing, but I skimmed it several times and didn't see anything. I also searched for the word "climate" and it does not appear in the document even once.


Nothing in that report mentions climate change at all. Thanks for wasting my time

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