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July 22, 2018


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What is something to disavow? Low taxes? Low unemployment? North Korean peace?

Did Ken Ulman disavow Obama's fast and furious program that got a border agent killed? Did Kenny U disavow pallets of cash to Iran?


Also, Sparty's update to the CVS incident is that the incident did not occur, which is no surprise given the amazing lack of details (and frankly the absurdity of the story). Way to gloss over that.


The folks being elected have forgotten their purpose. It is now loyalty to party over loyalty to people. BOTH SIDES! If the DNC had put up a more palatable candidate, instead of HRC, we would be in a totally different place right now (I know...she won the popular vote....but that doesn't count!). Personally, I'm tired of listening to ANY politician talk, because all they do is lie or deflect. I will continue to vote Dem, but I am really tired of having to choose between the lesser of 2 evils. The "party of Abe" is dead and the ones remaining are choosing to leave office.... leaving us with the Libertarian Tea Party gang. The Dems are fighting among themselves and are divided because there is a large faction that wants to swing far out to the left. We the people.....are screwed. We are nothing more than collateral damage in their war of party politics and they are using our tax dollars to fund their war. What we the people have is taxation with NO representation.


4 years ago, Watson's campaign against Kittleman seemed to be "FYI, Kittleman is a REPUBLICAN, and if you vote for him, there will be guns in every school." That didn't work out so well for Watson. Now, Ball's campaign against Kittleman seems to be, "FYI, Kittleman is a REPUBLICAN, and if you vote for him, he will not invite illegal immigrants to live among us." Yeah, good luck with that strategy.

Spartan Considerations

First, "Ken," - only my friends may refer to me as Sparty. You may call me Mr. Considerations.

Second, your comment doesn't adequately capture what I wrote. It would be more accurate to say that one official source indicated that the events detailed by the original poster are unproven.

Third, you want an absurd story? How about a certifiable lunatic, serial adulterer, megalomanic real estate fraud "reality star" gets elected to the highest public office in the land and then proceeds to lie to the American people every day...and the Congress doesn't take steps to impeach him. Pretty wild story, eh? Way to gloss over it...


Sparty, don't work so hard to defend a liar. One who told a tale that attempted to create great tension in the community. The HCPD says it didn't happen. Because it didn't.

I understand that TDS is in fulls swing with you, but Trump is more than qualified to be president. In fact, he is so effective as an executive that I have to wonder what other Presidents in the past 50 years were doing while they were in office. The greatest liberal fear is coming true- that Trump is doing an amazing job as President!

Ken Stevens

I do believe that Spartan Considerations has quite accurately described the loon who currently occupies the highest elected office in the land. However, I hope he remains in that office until at least shortly before the 2020 election. His current replacement would be someone who would know what he was doing and it would all be bad. Beyond that, the loon deserves to be the symbol of the Republican Party for the next two elections and the party deserves to have him as their symbol.


We must be watching two different movies because Trump is clearly doing an amazing job. Republicans would be lucky to have him as the face of their party. The Dems can have the commie from the Bronx.

Back to the topic at hand, Sparty-cus demonstrated incredible gullibility in reporting the CVS story as he/she/it did. No facts? No problem! Start running your mouth anyway.

Michael Davis

Bill, I think your analysis says a lot more about how you view the world rather than how Chuck Ecker and Bob Kittleman viewed the world or how Allan Kittleman shares his views today. Your partisanship is showing - loudly. As you know, I have worked with all three, and extensively with both Chuck and Allan. Instead of disputing each of your erroneous conclusions, I would suggest looking at what each actually did in office on behalf of the citizens of Howard County.

Chuck came into office and immediately had to make very difficult decisions to correct the disastrous fiscal mess that was left behind by the prior administration. He did so efficiently, inclusively, and with a sense of humor. When his terms ended in 1998, he left Howard County in a much better position than when he found it.

Bob Kittleman's record as a civil rights activist is already well established. Few did more than Bob. His record in the General Assembly, where he was always a member of a small minority, was principled and based on common sense. When he passed, he left a wide range of friends that crossed all political lines.

And Allan? He has already done so much to benefit Howard County! He has been able to bring to fruition many long wished for projects that prior County Executives shied away from addressing. These projects include, among others, building a new Court House, establishing the Non-Profit Collaborative Center, and turning the Harriet Tubman School into a real community resource. He made the Downtown Columbia Plan actually work, and did an incredible job managing the emergencies in Elliott City. And, he has gotten unanimous support on his budgets while working with a heavily Democratic County Council. I could go on, but won't.

All politics are local, and these three gentlemen have records that can be compared very favorably with any other elected officials in the history of our County. This means that each worked effectively with both Democrats and Republicans, not to mention a fair number of Independents, for the benefit of all of us. To try and marginalize their efforts on our behalf by placing a partisan prism over record does a disservice to us all.

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