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August 28, 2018


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Meh, you're really reaching here. Kittleman must be doing an amazing job is this is what you have to "attack".


Wow. Ball must be super-behind in the polls if this is the strategy his cronies are taking. Grasping at straws, are we? Where is the super-long post where you criticize Kittleman's haircut ("Is the part on the left side of his hair trying to appeal to people on the left?")? How about the post where you point out all of Kittleman's illegally placed signs while you ignore Ball's illegally placed signs (I think that post is required by Leftist Blog Law)? I see you've already started your series of endorsing all the Democrats, so we are good on that. I am quite happy that the voters in HoCo are smart and educated and informed. I'm looking forward to 4 more years of Hogan and kittleman leading our state and our county.

Brother man

Is this what beerson tap is all about? Endorsing these left democrat politicians? I think this really waters down any journalistic or media neutrality that readers assume. You should put these posts in editorials so people are aware of your personal opinions and can skip em. Just sayin.
BTW.. CALVIN BALLA IS considered a sell out among the african american pop once he endorsed and tried to make hoco a sanctuary county.

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