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October 07, 2018


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You wrote, "Now, Jon Weinstein is supposed to do only one thing in life, and it's the same thing every single one of us is going to do eventually. Father Time is undefeated."

Are you making a threat against Jon Weinstein or is that just poor attempt at humor?


I truly enjoy your column and read it religiously. I am a 40-year, registered, moderate Democrat who has lived in HoCo for most of my life. But with all certainty, I couldn't disagree with you more. So much, that I felt compelled to post a comment for the first time.


In an earlier post you (lamely) attacked Kittleman for a photo in a campaign mailer that cropped out Calvin Ball, saying we needed bring people together. Then, Jon Weistein endorses AK in a display of bipartisanship and you say that the only left for Jon Weinstein to do is to die. How can anyone take you seriously?


You must be joking, Calvin Ball along with Courtney Watson and Ken Ulman destroyed the zoning in the County, everywhere except; Long Reach where the taxpayers ended up buying a shopping center that the experts couldn't run but politicians think they can? This 62 year old resident (that's right I was born in Howard County, in the suburbs no less), is voting for Alan Kittleman. I want my voice to be heard, not hear Ball's words for me to hear.


Shockingly shallow endorsement of a meat-head...by a meat-head... This blog has hit a new low in crass commentary which has caused even Father Time to blush.

John jackson

Wow Weinstein should die because of an endorsement?
People like you are what's wrong with today's politics.
What drivel will you post when Hogan steamrolled Jealous in November and Kittlemann is reelected?

John Jackson

Steamrolls Jealous

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