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November 01, 2018


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George Orwell

Let’s not forget “Honest Abe” Kittleman saying he “reduced waivers by 69%” without mentioning that the way he did it was by changing the name to “alternative compliance”. Washington style politics.


I think they went low before 2018. If you look up, you can see how low they went in their racist response to CB9.


If you disagree with someone, claim they are racist, right "Rick"? I guess all those Asian immigrants who spoke out against CB-9 were racist?

All these hurt feelings Marshmellow Boy has over mailers, yet not one peep about habitual drunk driver Byron MacFarlane. He admitted to a judge that he has a drinking problem. He is a total loser, and should be sent packing. Vote him out, people! Show that substance matters more than the "D" next to a candidate's name.

Frank Miserable

Byron MacFarlane has been a good Register of Wills. Shawn Conley's only proffered qualification is not being Byron MacFarlane and, possibly, having a will.


If the choice is admitted alcoholic and drunk driver vs. someone who is able to remain sober, I'll go with the sober person. If Byron has brought the bar that low with his drunken behavior and his drinking problem, so be it.

Remember when he was the drink sponsor at a Blog party? A drunk driver sponsoring booze at a party. So sad that his life is meaningless and unbearable when he's sober.

Frank Miserable

You're posting attacks about the Register of Wills race in the comment section of a local blog. Whose life is meaningless?


I'm an informed citizen expressing my opinions about a candidate running for public office, same as you. Only losers do that, I guess? Are Democrats against free speech now?


The real (non-PC) irony about Raj Kathuria's mailer is that he and his children are BROWN. It was the same appalling lack of awareness that some elements of the Asian community displayed during the CB-9 testimony last year.

When Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa made his infamous "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies." comments he wasn't just referring to poor scared Central Americans trekking 2000 miles. When the White Nationalists in Charlottesville chanted "THEY will not replace us" they were not just referring to Jews or Blacks. When the older white red shirted/MAGA hatted anti CB-9 protesters came to Council hearings they weren't just protesting poor Hispanics; many were upset about demographic change in their own neighborhoods - much of which has been educated South and East Asians.

If Raj thinks he is immune to racism because of education or affluence he should read about what happened to wealthy, educated German Jews when racist facists took over their country.


NPC robot “Jim” spouting off about racism and fascism in local elections. They programmed you well, NPC robot. Now go watch CNN and download your latest update.


Ken - The use of the term NPC alone shows where you are coming from - https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/16/us/politics/npc-twitter-ban.html-
a term used by 'Pro-Trump mostly just attention-starved gamers looking to impress one another by “triggering the libs” with edgy (not in your case) memes'.

I on the other hand am a retired military officer who actually reads books and newspapers and listens to outlets in addition to Fox and talk radio (not someone who thinks he is cool because he knows the latest 4chan jargon). I am also the son of immigrants and don't appreciate Raj and others who have zero empathy.

BTW who are you other than a marginal troll?


You had to google the term “NPC”. That’s funny, you must be pretty old. I have no doubt that you are working extremely hard to indoctrinate yourself with CNN, Fox and other highly biased news sites. We’re talking about the County Council and you start spouting off about Facism. NPC fits you perfectly.


Just want to say Love You. You are so right, and glad you say it! Everyone in district 5 knows Frank and Tammy Miserable & Laura and Jim Confederate Walsh. Funny that those 4 don't openly support Yungmann and Cutroneo, at least not this month. They're all one and the same. And haha to Warren, who only squeezed thru due to S Carroll votes. It's what these conservative, libtard haters don't know, can't read that reduces any power that their egos think they have.

Marshmallow Man

Thank you JD for all the support!

Oh, and to those who commented to complain and all that nonsense, I have just one word for ya:



Could someone please tell Chris Oxenham that we are still laughing that he actually thought Kittleman would win by a large margin. How clueless.

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