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November 12, 2018


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Is habitual drunk driver Byron MacFarlane going to drive you there?


I just heard that Byron MacFarlane was arrested. That dude is proof positive that being a Democrat gets you elected in this county. You don’t need any measure of common sense, competence or talent for government. What a total loser, as are the morons who mindlessly voted for him.


Is anyone else as concerned as I am over Ken's infatuation with Byron Macfarlane? I wish I had the time he has to comment about a Register of Wills (no disrespect to the position). Is it a grudge from middle school he has? Did he not get enough of time in the sandbox or did Byron steal his lunch money? Or is it something more...erotic... that he needs to have sorted out by a trained therapist? It's okay "ken", we are open to all here. You can stop hating yourself and tell us how you really feel.

Marshmallow Man

Unfortunately, as I close this chapter of my media presence, I regret that I have failed in two respects. I have failed to bring Correspondent Ken in touch with his true sensitivities, and I have failed to lead him to true love. Will Ken ever know that love is love? Out in West County there's a lot of goat-loving going on, even by Republican (and Republican claiming to be non-partisan) elected officials. I hope to God Ken doesn't go there! I think very little of his politics but I don't want him to commit a felony for abusing some poor animal.

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