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Jim M.

Interesting take on Council District 4 race. I and many others saw both Evelyn and Kurtom as County Executive handpicked candidates to get rid of the two pains in his a__ that kept going to put roadblocks on development without adequate concern for infrastructure (schools+) and environment (vegetation, traffic and Q of L). Evelyn worked for Ball and Kurtom was on a Board of Appeals that turned down most appeals. You also neglected to mention the internal war between the HC Progressive Project (supporters of ‘affordable’ housing at any cost) who supported Evelyn, with ads calling Jung racists and consistently refer to single family homeowners as greedy and Progressive Democrats of HC, who supported Jung, our local Democratic Socialist with a left agenda and supporters of getting developers donations out of local politics and public funding for elections. Finally the third organization that effected the election was the right wing HC Neighbors United/HC Watchdogs blog ( both run by Steven Keller) who also supported Jung (as lesser of two evils?) and consistently exposed smear campaign from Evelyn supporters. Results in this election were far more Byzantine than you indicate.

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